Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Hat Challenge

In March, Kim, gave us the  "March challenge"  for an Easter hat.

The instruction for the hat were interesting to say the least.  A picture and the measurements for the hat,  lower circumference of 31½  inches, upper circumference of 23 5/8 inches , front height, 7½ inches,  and back height of 8 5/8 inches, with the head entry circumference of 20½ inches.  The width of the inside portion of the frame that sits on the head 2¾ inches.

With the measurement given on the challenge pattern, I laid out the pattern on old wrapping paper. Misty, my cat, was a lot of help.

After cutting the pattern out I  used buckram for the construction of the hat .

Pinned the buckram together to check the dimensions of the hat and to see if the design would worked.

Folded the buckram 2 3/4 inches to from the frame that sits on the head, then cut slits, on the folded edge, and overlapped the cut edges to reduce the lower circumference to 20 1/2 inches.

Cut a circle of buckram to form the top of the hat and hand stitched to sides to form crown. Floral wire was used to reinforce the crown and lower edge of the hat.
Covered the crown with black satin, draped the sides with black satin and black lace, and finished the inside with black satin.

Collapsed the front of the hat to 2 1/2 inches and added peacock feathers and a gold medallion to finish the front.

My first 1912 hat. 

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