Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1912 Princess Slip


My first blog ever.  The week before my birthday the mailman surprised me with this lovely package for the Princess Slip pattern.  I was so excited to get my first challenge  pattern.  For the first few day it just laid on my cutting table waiting for the lace, fabric and buttons. 
The pattern needed to be altered for comfort and ease of movement for my body.  The fashions of the day are great, but this body will not fit in to there standard patterns.
The fabric used in the slip is a cotton/poly blend broadcloth, with three different designs of eyelet lace trim.

I did not use vintage sewing techniques or hand sewing, but the overall finished garment, I think, is quite pleasing to look at, and will wear very well.
The buttons used to finish the back are vintage white shell from my stash of vintage buttons.  It is fun to finally use the buttons on a nice piece.

The bottom of the slip is finished in 1 inch knife pleats with the eyelet lace insert, again I used modern sewing technique .
My next project will be the March challenge hat.  I look forward to a new adventure.


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