Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ladies Wrap #0400

The Ladies Wrap #0400 is a very interesting project.  I made the wrap of beige silk with a peach over lay of lace.

The instruction indicated the bust size was 36 inch, so I enlarge the pattern to a 39 inch bust.  I added 1 1/2 inches  by cutting the original pattern and spreading.  With a French curve the added 1 1/2 inches was blended in.

The original computer pattern before cutting and spreading.

The enlarged pattern with the left and right tie laid out on 60 inch wide silk.  I cut both the lining and the under lace facing of the same silk.

You can see here, the lace, silk, and the white cotton inter facing fabric, which is treated as one unite, to from the top layer of the wrap.

The lining is sewn to the top fashion fabric, the seams clipped and graded for smooth turning and pressing.

The lace edging is removed from the fabric in preparation for use as the finished trim for the wrap.

The lace is hand sewn to the edge of the wrap and the corners are adjusted to fit the finished edge, with small seams.

The lace trim is added to the ends of the right and left tie.  A rosette was made of the edge trim lace for the finish of the front.

Hook and Eyes are added to the front for the closure.

The back of the wrap.  The lace trim was adjusted to lay flat and the points of the warp adjusted to form a smooth and pleasing appearance.

The finished wrap.  

The wrap fits, and  is pleasing to look at.  The skill level is intermediate.  Lining the wrap made the finishing of the garment clean and fuss free.  The corners of the lace trim needed to be worked with to keep the curve of the lace equal at each point. Next I am going to make the Mature Women hat to match.

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